started about 21 years ago when I decided I needed a public name I would stick with. BobOki was derived from an anime named Tenchi Muyo. There is a character in that series named Ryo-Ohki. I loved the character, but I am not so unoriginal that I will just rip-off a character, so I took my favorate name, "Bob", and added it to the name. Bob-Ohki was the first spelling, but after my popularity got larger, AIC/Pioneer had problems and told me to change it or they would seek damages. Thus BobOki was born. is run off a Quad 3.2ghz Xeon system with 64 gig ram. It currently runs Ubuntu linux and employes Apache2 with php5. We have a full running Mysql database. Mdaemon is our e-mail server as I really like the performance it provides and excellent spam protection.'s current speed is about 50mb/s up and down running of sDSL. Sure, we have a good deal of speed, but that bandwidth gets used REALLY quickly.
Besides that, I do not see going anywhere anytime soon, nor do I see my name changing anytime soon. So sit back and enjoy my services.